NanoArt and Nanotechnology – New Frontiers

Transparence 1One of Cris Orfescu’s NanoArt multimedia works (please click on the image to see video) will be showed at the University of Florence, Italy, during the Italian Week of Science, at the begining of March 2008, featuring an open dialog between contemporary art and science, focused on NanoArt and Nanotechnology.

Principal themes to be discussed during this event are:
1. The scientific imaginary and aesthetics of contemporary art in growing up knowledge economy.
2. The development of nanoscience and new forms of artistic fruition in contemporary era.
Dr. Paolo Manzelli, the Director of LRE/EGO-CreaNet, the organization which sponsors the event, hopes to receive a broad cooperation in achieving a shared program for improving a trans-disciplinary dialogue between science and art by paying special attention to the development of Nanotechnology and NanoArt, in collaboration with NanoArt21 founded by Cris Orfescu –
“The entanglement between science and art, working in a trans-disciplinary profile of innovative development in nanotechnology manufacturing, will furnish new areas of complementary research and an innovative professionalism in science and art that can be able to recover the ancient creative tradition of Florentine Renaissance, historically mediated by a unitary cooperation between Art, Science, and Technology”, Manzelli says.
For more event information, please visit
Orfescu’s work can be viewed at:

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